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When you hire me to photograph your home, I want you to know that I am going to take the time that is needed to properly light and photograph every room. I have worked for multiple companies specializing in real estate photography and know the difference between the run-and-gun photography service that they provide compared to the quality that a personal photographer can give you.

As a real estate agent, photography is one of your most powerful tools to get buyers through the door. Most buyers will decide within 30 seconds if they want to buy your listing just from looking at the photos. You want your photos to stand out from other comparable listing, and I can help you achieve that by professionally lighting every room and finding the best compositions to convey the layout of your home.

To ensure you that your job is my priority, I will schedule a maximum of two jobs per day and stay on on-site for up to three hours. I know that having a fast turnaround time is crucial in order to list the property quickly, so I will provide same day turn around for every listing.

Trevette, you took the photos at our house. I just wanted to thank you, I think you made it look better than it really is ! We're looking at new houses online & I haven't seen the quality you provided us in any other listing I've looked at. Thanks man, you helped us sell our house, you rock! -David R.

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